Dulmeyer's Revenge

Arrival in Tamreon

A Prologue to Adventure

Bjorn Pyremane and his crew of pirate hunter’s sail the Grey Sea in search of pirates, monsters, and treasure, however, the dwarven captain’s only interest is in rooting out evil, and he offers impressive monetary rewards to those who join him in his quest.

After weeks sailing in the tumultuous Grey Sea, the crew of the Dulmeyer’s Revenge reached their destination: the recently discovered lands known as Tamreon. A large continent rich with many natural resources, Tamreon is rumored to hide untold secrets and vast treasure. It is a supernatural place, with thundering storms and violent seas, where malevolent creatures lurk just beneath the veil of sight and await foolish men to prey upon. Pirates both great and small inhabit the seas and shores of Tamreon, and lie in wait to ambush any vessels that dare venture near her waters.

There are two main settlements on Tamreon: in the North, the immense militaristic city of Coldhardt, and in the South, the glorified campsite of adventurers and savage natives known as Freehaven.

The Dulmeyer’s Revenge made berth at a small island 10 leagues away from Coldhardt, in the port town of Draun, the third and only other civilized settlement in all of Tamreon. It is here the companions met a dockhand by the name of Timo Zimmerman… [more to come]



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