Dulmeyer's Revenge

Adventures in Tamreon
A Mission of Import

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The Players of Dulmeyer's Revenge, Take Two
The Three Amigos

Joining our companions in their ventures are three mates from the Dulmeyer’s Revenge: the first is a gnomish inventor who wields a hand-cannon that spews lightning, this gnome has spent 20 years searching tirelessly for their long lost friend who was stolen by pirates; the next crewmate is somewhat of an oddity being that she is one of the only women onboard Bjorn’s crew – but don’t let that fool you, for she’s as mysterious as they come, and as cunning and deadly as any foe to set foot upon the Dulmeyer’s Revenge; the last mate to join the party is rumored to be a sorcerer of sorts, though many of the crew ask him to quell their curiosity with a display of his powers only the captain and his first mate have witnessed the lads gifts firsthand – in addition, he always keeps the arm and eye of his left side concealed by a glove and patch.

These three have been given the chance to forge new destinies for themselves in the land of Tamreon, but only time will tell if they make something of themselves or fall beneath the waves of the unsung…

The Players of Dulmeyer's Revenge
Two and Two Equals You Four

Our party consists of four companions from the Dulmeyer’s Revenge: two humans, one a surly sailor who devotes himself to worshiping the deep gods of the sea after his life was seemingly spared by their favor – or just as likely, their uncaring; the other, a hunter with unnatural skill with a bow who is admired as a folk hero among his people for single-handedly overthrowing a tyrant’s regime over their lands – he seeks to rid the world of other such scum; the other two are a dark elf rogue and a tiefling druid, the former is an ex-pirate who is just as likely to rob you blind as he is to put a blade in your back, the later is a skin-changer who can take the form of any beast he’s seen and holds the power of nature at his beck and call.

The party proved their merit by boarding a ghost ship they had tracked from Draun, and there they fought heroically against overwhelming odds with creatures both monstrous and supernatural. At the end of their harrowing encounter, they reclaimed two women who had been tortured beyond recognition and transformed by a Pirate Lord named Cold Eyes and brought them back to the Dulmeyer’s Revenge for interrogation.

Arrival in Tamreon
A Prologue to Adventure

Bjorn Pyremane and his crew of pirate hunter’s sail the Grey Sea in search of pirates, monsters, and treasure, however, the dwarven captain’s only interest is in rooting out evil, and he offers impressive monetary rewards to those who join him in his quest.

After weeks sailing in the tumultuous Grey Sea, the crew of the Dulmeyer’s Revenge reached their destination: the recently discovered lands known as Tamreon. A large continent rich with many natural resources, Tamreon is rumored to hide untold secrets and vast treasure. It is a supernatural place, with thundering storms and violent seas, where malevolent creatures lurk just beneath the veil of sight and await foolish men to prey upon. Pirates both great and small inhabit the seas and shores of Tamreon, and lie in wait to ambush any vessels that dare venture near her waters.

There are two main settlements on Tamreon: in the North, the immense militaristic city of Coldhardt, and in the South, the glorified campsite of adventurers and savage natives known as Freehaven.

The Dulmeyer’s Revenge made berth at a small island 10 leagues away from Coldhardt, in the port town of Draun, the third and only other civilized settlement in all of Tamreon. It is here the companions met a dockhand by the name of Timo Zimmerman… [more to come]


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