Over the last decade, Gavrilo was a crew member on the pirate ship the Dread Fang, commanded by the pirate Black Foot. Black Foot had made a evil bargain with a corrupted fairy who cursed his foot, making it black like the depths of the oceans, and through it, he could hear the oceans call. This allowed him to track lucrative targets on the open ocean better than most, also making him one of the best captains to work for. In return for this gift, the fairy demanded that he return once a year with her share of gold and other treasures. If he didn’t the blackness in his foot would consume his whole body and he would be doomed to exist at the bottom of the ocean, continually drowning.

Gavrilo heard about the lucrative pirate and took up with him in an odd turn of events. While at port in a far off land, a drunken Black Foot was caught stealing from another rival pirate. The local sentries did not take kindly to pirates, or stealing (or dark elves for that matter) and threw Black Foot and the pirate he was stealing from in prison to be executed the next day.

Gavrilo was also in that same prison, charged with not being liked very much by the locals. He had been in for close to a week and had devised a plan to escape. His escape just happened to coincide with the night Black Foot was arrested. Every night, the guards would leave the cell block for dinner and though they would return with it and eat it whilst on watch, they were always gone for around 3 minutes. During one of the prisoner exchanges a few days ago, Garvilo, being skilled at the arts of deception and thievery, lifted a metal shank from one of the guards armor pieces. Each night during the dinner break, Gavrilo shaped the shank into a key for the lock. Tonight, during that 3 minutes, he would have to pick the lock on the cell door, slip out the hallway door into a cell in the next block, and wait for the guards to return. After which, he would have to evade the next set of guards by slipping out into a neighboring cell block and wait for the second set of guards to return, then do this again and a fourth time, till he finally reached the last cell block that was adjacent to the courtyard door. The whole plan was dangerous and would take expert timing. Enter Black Foot.

Black Foot was not known for stealh or cunning or secretive ways. When he noticed the crudely shapen key that Gavrilo had, he proposed a plan. “Let me out after you escape, I can help deter them. They are going to kill me and I have no where to hide on the outside,” he said. This seemed odd to Gavrilo but he couldn’t see why it wouldn’t help his plan. As soon as the guards left, he started his escape and let Black Foot out as well. Black Foot didn’t actually plan on being killed and immediately grabbed the key from Gavrilo and charged out the door. He caught the two guards unawares and plunged the key into the neck of the first and the left eye of the second. The sound alerted the guards from the other cell blocks, the ones that Gavrilo was supposed to evade carefully, and in an instant, his original escape plan had to be abandoned for an all out battle for freedom. If he was caught escaping with Black Foot who was going to be hung, he would surely be hung himself. The two unlikely allies fought the 4 sets of guards and escaped through the courtyard. There they were greeted by some of Black Foots crew and they all retreated to the docks. The fugitives along with Adelaide Crain, stole a navy vessel and made their escape back to Dread Fang. After the pair had fought side by side, and considering his previous experience as a pirate, Gavrilo took up with Black Foot.

Years passed, and many new crewmen later, Black Foot was tracking a secret armada that was presumed to have a local aristocrats fortune on it. It was also rumored to be heavily guarded. But the ocean’s call through his cursed foot was too strong to ignore the danger (also that’s what pirates do, they steal at great danger). This time, most of his crew were not so eager though. They had heard other rumors that the armada was wiping out every pirate vessel that came within 20 leagues. In an attempt to get ahead of the armada and have the upper hand, Black Foot took the crew out into treacherous waters. Three men were lost to the sea the first day and 4 the next and the crew had had enough. A mutiny was staged and the crew took control of the Dread Fang. Black Foot was forced overboard with a cannon wheel clamped to his ankle. Once in the water, the ocean felt the call of his curse and it refused to consume a soul that had been communing with it for years. The shackles around his ankle were ripped apart by a strong wave and the cannon wheel sank to the bottom without its captain. Nearly being killed, Black Foot escaped death by clinging to the boat in the water just under the bow.

Gavrilo was on watch the following night and, not being part of the mutiny, he was not concerned with the order of control as was most of the crew. Being driven by loyalty and treasure, Gavrilo knew that the new command on the ship would have little success in comparison to Black Foot. As the ship listed without direction, Black Foot was able to get Gavrilo’s attention. Knowing that he had always been loyal to him, Black Foot convinced Gavrilo to help him take back the ship. The two devised a plan to counter mutiny and regain control.

They arranged a number of arguments among the crew, and eventually regained enough support to overthrow the mutineers. The night the small group of insurgents made their move, the rest of the crew was preoccupied with dividing up the treasure that had been accumulated till then. Seeing his treasure divided between his newly found enemies, Black Foot became so enraged that his curse summoned a torrential wave to crush his betrayers. All of the crew feared for their lives, including those supporting the captain and nearly everyone was washed overboard. The ocean wave was so dreadful that it crushed the ship and struck a huge gash on the port side, where most of the treasure was. Gavrilo was one of the few that remained deckside and, seeing this level of destruction, quickly sought shelter from the tides as he watched mounds of cargo, gold and chests pouring overboard. The remaining crewmen, in self preservation forgot any allegiance to crew in the water and only heeded Black Foot’s command. The badly damaged ship was in need of repairs and Black Foot ordered them to head for a nearby sound.

It was because of the loss of so much treasure that Gavrilo abandon the ship at the sound. Not because he couldn’t have a sizable share, with such a loss of crew to the sea, but because Black Foot continued his murderous rage. He had lost too much to be able to provide the corrupted fairy with her share and the year was fast approaching. More and more remaining crew men were turning up dead and Gavrilo knew it was Black Foot’s impending doom that was driving him to murder his own. Stranded on a remote island without a crew, ship or his treasure, Gavrilo was forced to live off the land for the second time in his life. This was a fate worse than death to him. He had become a pirate initially to escape that life and now pirates, through mutiny, curses and murders, had forced him back into it. He swore that day, that any pirate he encountered from then on would be his enemy. Vengeance on all of them, any of them. At any cost.


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