Bjorn Pyremane

Vengeful Paladin and Captain of Dulmeyer's Revenge


Bjorn, much like the rest of his race, is a gruff, stout, and proud dwarf. He is large by dwarf standards, standing at a towering 5 feet, weighing nearly 15 stone, and sporting a great beard of crimson and steel. Bjorn walks with a slight limp that is barely noticeable, and wears and eyepatch over his right eye. Even upon the ocean, Bjorn wears a master-crafted suit of well-worn full plate armor, and carries an assortment of armaments including a sword that gleams like rays from the sun, a shield emblazoned with a crest matching the flag of his ship, and a warhammer fashioned in the likeness of the head of a dragon breathing flame; when swung, the flames coming from the maw of the dragonhead seem to burn like fires of hell.


Not many who know of Captain Pyremane are aware of his life before hunting pirates. It is rumored he sails the seas on a quest from his god, while others believe he looks for death from a worthy foe or a great beast from beneath the depths. Only those who have spent considerable time upon the Dulmeyer’s Revenge know that the Captain’s first mate, “Moonshine”, is the sole person in all the world who knows why Captain Pyremane sails the seas eliminating evil wherever it is found; and though Inomauld is a consummate gossipmonger, he says not a word about the Captain of the Dulmeyer’s Revenge, other than to relay his commands.

Bjorn Pyremane

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