Baelgrim Maloy

Servant of the Seven Gods


“If I am going to be drowned — if I am going to be drowned — if I am going to be drowned, why, in the name of the seven mad gods who rule the sea, was I allowed to come thus far and contemplate sand and trees? Was I brought here merely to have my nose dragged away as I was about to nibble the sacred cheese of life? It is preposterous. If this old ninny-woman, Fate, cannot do better than this, she should be deprived of the management of men’s fortunes. She is an old hen who knows not her intention. If she has decided to drown me, why did she not do it in the beginning and save me all this trouble. The whole affair is absurd. . . . But, no, she cannot mean to drown me. She dare not drown me. She cannot drown me. Not after all this work.”

— The Open Boat, Stephen Crane

Human Cleric, Storm Domain, Sailor Background

High Concept: Salty sailor turned pious cleric after surviving a near-death drowning in the open sea.

Trouble: I used my shipwreck to abandon my husband & children, and it still haunts me to this day.


  • From a large trade city, but practically raised on the open ocean. Been a sailor since he was 12
  • Merchant family in moderate circumstances, little contact since going to sea, father was a drinker but not a beater. Five brothers and sisters, about half of whom are dead (violence, sickness, shipwreck). Relations with them are casual, not particular intimate, but no deep-seated wounds.
  • No formal education. Raised on the deck of a ship with no book learning whatsoever.
  • Most of his friends were other sailors, drinkers, mercenaries, merchants. He knows people in every port and on every ship, and each meeting is cause to drink. However, a lot of them fell out of contact after he survived his shipwreck. He still drinks a hell of a lot but hasn’t reconnected with many old contacts.
  • An encounter with the supernatural changed his life forever. Just two years ago, his ship was dashed against the rocks in a terrible storm. He survived in a life boat but starved on the open ocean for days on end. At last he was rescued, and between nearly drowning and going hallucinogenic from hunger, he heard the voice of the Seven Mad Gods who rule the sea—the Deep Fathers. He now worships them.

Rising Conflict

  • Main figures in his life: Husband, two young children. Husband is a successful moneylender in one of the larger ports. They met during Baelgrim’s travels, courted for a while, were married and adopted two orphans to raise as their own.
  • Baelgrim was doing a lot of work for a wealthy merchant patron who worked closely with his husband. It was a beneficial arrangement for all involved, and Baelgrim was rising in esteem and profit. Rumor had it he’d be captain of his own ship in time.
  • The shipwreck wiped out a massive profit for his patron and nearly killed him. Afterwards he never returned to his family, never told them he survived, never contacted anyone from his new Home Town.
  • Faced with his own powerlessness, Baelgrim came to the conclusion that life is meaningless and frail, at the mercy of the terrible might of the natural world. Nothing about his old life made any sense any more, except understanding and respecting the force that had shattered his illusions.

First Adventure

When pirates attack a vessel full of pilgrims, Baelgrim hides among the captives, using his power over the sea to help the captives escape. But when a sinister and alluring sea witch emerges as leader of the pirates, will Baelgrim escape her gaze? More importantly, will he WANT to?


In a past life, Baelgrim Maloy

Baelgrim Maloy

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