Adelaide Crain


Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Archetype: Thief
Background: Criminal/pick pocket

Adelaide is very competitive and is always trying to prove she is as good as any man. She can be overly competitive to the point where she can get in over her head.

Adelaide is clever, competitive and takes advantage when others underestimate her

Her goal is to find out what happened to her father years ago when his ship mysteriously disappeared at sea.


Adelaide is the daughter of a sailor in the royal navy. She grew up learning all about boats, how to sail, and fencing.

When Adelaide was a teenager her father was lost at sea. Their ship was reported to have never been found. Adelaide always thought that there was something surrounding that incident that the Navy was keeping from them.

After her father was gone, the Navy did not provide any assistance to Adelaide or her mother. They were starving, so Adelaide turned to pick pocketing and thievery to survive. Necessity quickly turned her into an expert thief.

When she became an adult, Adelaide tried to join the navy and put to use her sailing and fighting skills (as well as try to find out what happened to her father). Despite her skills, the Navy refused to let her join because she is a woman.

Shortly after, an opportunity presented itself. Gavrilo (Alex), who was a friend of Adelaide’s, was in port with some of Blackfoot’s crew. Together they stole the Navy ship in retribution for the wrongs she feels the Navy did against her and her family. They sold the ship and raided it for loot and she joined up with Blackfoot’s crew as a pirate.

This crew only cared about thieving and causing mischief, but Adelaide’s true goal was to find out what happened to her father. Adelaide parted ways with Blackfoot’s crew to continue on her own search.

When Blackfoot turned on his crew and Gavrilo left them, Gavrilo and Adelaide’s paths crossed again. When Gavrilo joined Dulmeyer, Adelaide decided to join as well to see if it led to answers about her father.

Adelaide Crain

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