Dulmeyer's Revenge

The Players of Dulmeyer's Revenge, Take Two

The Three Amigos

Joining our companions in their ventures are three mates from the Dulmeyer’s Revenge: the first is a gnomish inventor who wields a hand-cannon that spews lightning, this gnome has spent 20 years searching tirelessly for their long lost friend who was stolen by pirates; the next crewmate is somewhat of an oddity being that she is one of the only women onboard Bjorn’s crew – but don’t let that fool you, for she’s as mysterious as they come, and as cunning and deadly as any foe to set foot upon the Dulmeyer’s Revenge; the last mate to join the party is rumored to be a sorcerer of sorts, though many of the crew ask him to quell their curiosity with a display of his powers only the captain and his first mate have witnessed the lads gifts firsthand – in addition, he always keeps the arm and eye of his left side concealed by a glove and patch.

These three have been given the chance to forge new destinies for themselves in the land of Tamreon, but only time will tell if they make something of themselves or fall beneath the waves of the unsung…



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